Hi everybody and welcome!


Honestly, I could put some AI-generated text about my amazing and beautiful art or whatever, but decided to just be myself, as my art is me, weirdly representing my raw emotions at a point in time.

I was born in Zagreb, Croatia. Always wanting to leave... When I finally got a chance, I moved to Ireland and then I got homesick. Interesting experience I must say. I'm back in Zagreb, not by choice, but, by life's circumstances.
Life hasn't been kind to me, not one bit.
Struggles you usually only see in movies or books. Maybe I'll write a book someday, who knows?
Since I was a kid, I hated life. I think I still do. But, weirdly again, I do see the stunning beauty of our world still. This contrasting view on things has always followed me, even when I was a child, I never fit in, I never was a part of something that felt like I belonged.
So, I guess, this can be seen in some of my works.
I like abstract art. Like is maybe too soft, I love it really. I appreciate many different styles, but I found myself attracted to abstraction. Maybe it is because I don't know how to draw. Like, if I need to draw something realistic, I draw like a child. And that frustrated me since I can remember... But, when I discovered abstract art, it was like I finally found my creative outlet, something I could use to get my emotions out of me and onto the canvas. I get immersed in the painting, I let it lead where it wants to. Usually with one idea in my mind, and the result is completely different, like my soul spoke, something deep inside and not me.
The feeling is indescribable and I'm addicted.
Lost a lot of people in my life, too early, too young, but after my biggest life trauma of losing my one person, my everything, my world, my love, my fiancé - I stopped painting altogether. I lost the will to continue breathing, and couldn't imagine ever being creative again.
But, life has a funny way of showing you how wrong you are all the time, so here I am, painting again, having fun again - albeit, a different kind of fun. It is not as it was before, it is like this huge emptiness, pain, loneliness, and then this tiny little dot of fun in the middle of all that. So, the paintings do reflect that - sometimes ever so subtly, you couldn't even notice. But I do.
In my life the only constant thing is music. For me, music is life. Every painting draws inspiration from emotions I am in and companied by the music I am listening to at the time, every single painting, so yes, you could say music is my muse, however cliche that sounds.
I a still trying to find my "style", but, at the moment I am having too much fun just experimenting with everything I feel the need to. I let my intuition and creativity guide me, and I don't want to restrict that to just one style of work. Maybe that will change, maybe it won't.
For now, enjoy different styles, and different pieces, telling a different story of different times.

The Process
All my paintings are unique.
My paintings are 100% handmade, each one is an original piece and I won't recreate a piece that will ever be the same. I work with high-quality materials and professional colors.

I do love people suggesting color schemes, so, if you ever read through all of this, you can contact me with your color scheme and *if* I do decide to create something, and you like it, I will gift it to you for free - just pay for shipping :)

The Shop
My shop on this website is the only place where you can buy my original art. All other offers are fraud or a violation of my copyright.

Shop: https://vMaras.art
Instagram: @vMaras.art