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W40 x H50cm
W16" x H20''
Acrylic on Canvas

Artist's commentary on "Coral":
Love the colours here. I wanted something purple, considering it is my favourite colour. But, I was thinking of what else with purple. Considering I was doing this one in winter, my mind was missing the sun. Warmth. Blue skies. Sea. I remembered one place specifically. Dubrovnik. It is one of Croatia's beautiful coastal cities. With beautiful sea, beaches, and amazing islands to visit. We took two boats and headed for the islands. The most beautiful colours of the sea you can imagine. In one of the islands, Peacocks 'walk free and they come really close to you. The colours are just mesmerizing. Cricket chirping, a slight breeze flowing through the forest, just so amazingly peaceful, and this feeling was stuck in my head while doing this artwork.
While painting this piece I was so calm, peaceful; relaxed and happy. Every stroke was so pleasant, so natural so easy. I hope that whoever looks at this piece finds the same feeling as me. I believe it is almost infused with it. And something different I wanted to do with this piece is to give a viewer their own perspective, so decided to sign the art on the side, not front. As whichever way you turn the painting you can see something else as it was painted like that. I was turning it nonstop, with different strokes, and different directions. And I don't want to dictate the "right" way for this painting, as there is none. I do have a preferred one which you can see in most photographs but the beauty is in anyone seeing the art in their own way.

Professional acrylic on high-quality canvas, protected with layers of gloss providing chemical, water and UV resistance.
(Medium Abstract Paintings, Medium Abstract Paintings on Canvas Board, Acrylic Art, Abstract, Modern Art, Original Diptych Painting, Original Large Modern Wall Art on Canvas, Acrylic Abstract Painting Canvas Art)

■ TITLE: "Coral"

■ COLORS: Turquoise, Purple, Gold

■ MEDIUM: Professional-grade acrylic paints and mediums. Finished with a clear matte varnish to protect your painting from UV light, moisture and dust.

■ QUALITY: 100% Hand Painted and created in Zagreb, Croatia - personally signed by the author.

■ SHIPPING (Only Croatia and EU): Shipping via DHL, DPD or UPS (depending on the country).


Frames are shown for illustrative purposes only and are not included.
* This piece is entirely hand-painted, in a working artist’s studio. As such, expect it to bear abundant evidence of its creation, each imperfection adding character, uniqueness, and proving craft.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, I'd love to hear from you.

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