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H40 x W30cm
H16 x W12"
Acrylic on Canvas

Artists commentary on "Pain":
I finished this on my birthday. 40th. How appropriate. This was one of the longest works of art I was making Around 2 years, of course on and off. This one is filled with my tears. And I am not talking metaphorically. Yes, tears. This is the second painting I managed to create after the loss of my fiance. The first one was "Tears Forest". You see the pattern. I thought I would never paint again. It was something he supported and encouraged the most. So without him, it just didn't make any sense! So when I decided to try again, it was hard, and I was crying almost the whole process. And because it was so painful, it took me ages to finish because I was doing small bits here and there when I could. I couldn't make myself consistent. Even holding a brush was hard. The centre part of the painting ended up being a heart, a broken one. I made the "wound cut" from raffia that was used in packing the box that would hold our wedding rings... I cried even more...

So, those tears ended up in the paint, in the canvas. After a long time, I started painting more often, but, left this one on the side. wasn't sure I would ever finish it. But as time went by, I did. And on my birthday, I decided it was ready for varnish. That means it is done. In a way, this one helped me get back into it. Poured my heart and the pain into it. It is maybe a simple heart, but it is soo much more... Maybe the proper name would be, Love and not pain, but, it is pain as well, and it made more sense to me... I had love, mazing love. The best kind in the whole world. So what is grief than love that has nowhere to go? So, my love was poured into this painting, my grief, my unbearable pain, sadness, happiness that I had experienced that kind of love... Everything! So, it is so
much more than a heart!

Professional acrylic on high-quality canvas, protected with layers of gloss providing chemical, water and UV resistance.
(Medium Abstract Paintings, Medium Abstract Paintings on Canvas Board, Acrylic Art, Abstract, Modern Art, Original Diptych Painting, Original Large Modern Wall Art on Canvas, Acrylic Abstract Painting Canvas Art)

■ TITLE: "Pain"

■ COLORS: Red, Brown, Black

■ MEDIUM: Professional-grade acrylic paints and mediums. Finished with a clear matte varnish to protect your painting from UV light, moisture and dust.

■ QUALITY: 100% Hand Painted and created in Dublin, Ireland - personally signed by the author.

■ SHIPPING (Only Ireland and EU): Shipping via DHL, TNT or UPS (depending on the country).


Frames are shown for illustrative purposes only and are not included.
* This piece is entirely hand-painted, in a working artist’s studio. As such, expect it to bear abundant evidence of its creation, each imperfection adding character, uniqueness, and proving craft.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, I'd love to hear from you.

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